Lethbridge Primary School has a dedicated and enthusiastic staff with a range of experience levels. In 2022, the school compromises of 1 Principal Class, 1 Learning Specialist, 8 teachers and 4 Education Support Staff.

Our specialist focus for 2022, consists of Italian, MARC Van, S.T.E.M, Physical Education and The Arts.

Our 2022 enrolment of 110 students is drawn from the township of Lethbridge and surrounding rural areas. Children from Maude, Meredith, Elaine and the outskirts of Bannockburn are a part of our student population.

Family occupations range from employment in local farming and wine growing industries, self-employment and a variety of occupations that involve commuting to Bannockburn, Geelong and beyond.

At Lethbridge we believe students learn best when they are happy, healthy and supported within safe and productive relationships. We are proud of the warm and welcoming atmosphere that is part of our daily experience of school.

At Lethbridge Primary School all children interact across all year levels and all staff know all students. This is a feature of our rural school community and one that we value, encourage and foster.

We take a Restorative approach to student relationships that focuses on Prevention, Early Intervention, Intervention and Restoring Wellbeing. This whole school approach to Student Engagement and Wellbeing is supported by –
• Using Restorative Practices
• Implementing the School Wide Positive Behaviour System
• Being an eSmart accredited school

We have an extensive sporting program. The students mix with local schools regularly and enjoy getting to know other year level peers through camps, sporting events and other joint activities. We also participate in the Bannockburn and District Netball Competition, currently coaching and entering 1 team per season, and have been very successful over many years.

Some of the annual events held by the school and / or with our local cluster of schools include:

  • House Athletics Carnivals
  • District cross-country, athletics and interschool sport event days
  • Sporting clinics such as Hockey and Tennis
  • Intensive swimming program at Geelong College swim centre

The school is an active member of the Flinders Association, which includes seven schools. The group organises combined Sports Days and Camps for students and through this association we are able to provide a wide range of events and activities.

The school participates in a combined camping program with Meredith, Little River, Anakie and Shelford Primary Schools. This promotes social interaction for students with children from other schools.

The 2022 program consisted of the following:

Year 6 Melbourne – Urban Camp
Year 5 Maldon – Bike Ed
Year 4 Camp Wilkin – Beach
Year 3 Camp Angahook – Bush