Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI)

At Lethbridge Primary School, our students have access to the Levelled Literacy Intervention program. This is a short term intervention program that provides small groups of students with intensive support and instruction. The intervention aims to support students to reach their reading goals and supplements the classroom literacy teaching.

Getting Ready In Numeracy (GRIN)

At Lethbridge Primary School, staff have been trained and deliver additional support to students who require it through GRIN sessions. Students are identified through assessments and remain on the program for a minimum of six months with a minimum of three sessions per week. The intervention aims to increase their knowledge and confidence in areas of mathematics that they are currently learning in their classroom.


MiniLit is an early literacy intervention initiative, which aims at improving five literacy skills of (1) Phonemic Awareness, (2) Phonics, (3) Fluency, (4) Vocabulary and (5) Comprehension, particularly the first three. The program uses a research-based approach. Students access the program for approximately two terms working in groups no larger than four students.

Maths Enrichment Program

The Maths Enrichment Program allows students in Grades 3-6 the opportunity to extend their understanding of content through real-world applications, project-based learning, and student discussions. Students will often encounter difficult problems that they will then solve collaboratively utilising each other's knowledge and communicating with each other,  just as professionals would in maths-based careers.