Welcome to Lethbridge Primary School!

As Principal at Lethbridge Primary School, I continue to be incredibly proud of our school community.

At Lethbridge Primary School, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our students and their families. As a community, we work in partnership with parents to ensure students are successful in all areas of their learning. Our staff know each child’s interests, strengths and areas of improvement. Through our work, we focus on the academic and social learning of each student.

I feel honoured to lead such a committed and highly skilled team of teachers and education support staff. I believe in high expectations, excellence in teaching and learning and fostering the social and personal skills of our students to be effective and caring citizens.

As a staff team, we work in a Professional Learning Community to continually improve the learning outcomes of students. This involves teachers regularly analysing data to determine the teaching and learning approaches to support students.

At Lethbridge Primary School, we use an Inquiry approach to explore concepts connected to Humanities and Science. We use this approach to then integrate the understandings and skills within Literacy and Mathematics. Within our specialist subject program, we offer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Visual Arts, Italian, Physical Education and MARC Van. You are welcome to read more about our curriculum in the Teaching and Learning section of our website.

Lethbridge Primary School is a wonderful, welcoming and positive learning environment where students are at the centre of all we do. We pride ourselves in being strongly informed by research and initiatives to excel in teaching and learning.

Chelsey Marks