School Uniform is compulsory at Lethbridge Primary School. Students and families alike find this option convenient and economical. Plain maroon or black items can be used along with the logo items.

Uniforms can be purchased over the counter at
PSW, 164 Malop Street, Geelong (near Officeworks)

  • School Bags are available for purchase from the School’s office.
  • Tracksuit pants, polo shirts, jumpers, dresses, pinafores (with detachable bib/kilt) and hats are available from PSW.
  • Students should wear comfortable school shoes, appropriate for exercise as the school has an extensive sporting program. Sneakers are appropriate footwear. Primarily black in colour is preferred.
  • Children are encouraged to have an art smock for use during Specialist Art and at other times when the teacher feels that it would be appropriate. These can be a modified oversized shirt or a purpose made smock.