Visual Arts At Lethbridge Primary School, the art room is a creative hub within the school.  It is a space where students are provided the opportunity to explore, experiment and learn to use a wide range of media, materials and equipment.  Students are encouraged and guided to explore their creativity, nurture their imagination and develop innovative new ideas. Students come to Visual Art sessions with a range of abilities and knowledge and these are catered for in a caring, nurturing and stimulating environment. Student’s artwork is displayed prominently in the school as well as permanent murals such as the Bottle Top Rainbow, located near the entrance to the school. “Children are naturally creative.  It is our job to give them freedom, materials and space to let their creativity blossom to its full potential”, Jean Van’t Hul.  

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics At Lethbridge Primary School all students participate in a weekly STEM specialist program. This educational approach to learning uses Science, Technology, Engineering,  and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The STEM program at Lethbridge Primary School aims to provide students with authentic, hands-on learning opportunities to build a solid foundation of knowledge of the world around them. Our goal is to foster and expand students’ interest and curiosity to question the changing world in which they live. Crucial to this is our focus on supporting students to understand the nature of scientific inquiry and the ability to use a range of inquiry skills, including: questioning, planning and conducting experiments and investigations, collecting and analysing data, evaluating results, and drawing critical, evidence-based conclusions. At Lethbridge Primary School we pride ourselves in the strong partnerships we have built with Victoria’s Science Specialist Centres, such as Ecolinc, Earth Ed and BioLab. Due of this, our students have the opportunity to participate in free excursions and incursions, online learning experiences and also have access to a large variety of resources to further enhance our STEM program.  

Italian  Lethbridge Primary School considers that it is very important for our students to be learning another language and to have an understanding of different cultures. Our Italian program gives all students the opportunity to develop their language skills and knowledge, and build their inter-cultural capability.  Students learn through a wide range of activities such as singing, role playing, online activities and language games.  We are lucky at Lethbridge Primary School to have an Italian Room, which provides students with an authentic space filled with Italian materials, student work and some Italian artefacts. Some exciting additions to our Italian program include our relationship to our sister school in Casteggio, Italy and our italian garden and cooking program. Our program aims to help students to become better thinkers, better communicators and better global citizens.

P.E: Physical Education Physical Education at Lethbridge Primary School is an inclusive program that focuses on fundamental motor skills and learning to use these in a variety of different sports, games and challenges in a safe, supportive and fair manner. Everyone is expected and encouraged to participate in the Physical Education Program and lessons are organised so all students can achieve success, no matter their prior experience. We believe that moving our body is not only good for our cardiovascular fitness but for mental health and clarity, helping us learn in other areas. We also utilise sporting clinics offered and sourced to the school. Professionals in a range of sports visit our school to teach relevant skills to each class, in an inclusive, fun environment, to introduce our students to a broad range of sports that suit a range of interests.

Sporting Events Students from across the school are encouraged to participate in whole school events, such as the Cross Country and the Athletics Carnival. Junior students participate in a range of fun activities, whereas Year 3-6 participate to attempt to qualify to compete against other students as part of the Flinders District Athletics Carnival. This includes competing to qualify for Regional and State levels. Students in Years 3-6 also have the opportunity to participate in a Winter Lightning Premiership, where there is the opportunity to compete against students from local schools in Australian Football League, Netball and Soccer.